Choosing a Pageant

There is more than just one pageant in which ladies may compete. However, we believe the MISS USA® or MISS TEEN USA® Pageant is the right pageant for you and NO experience is required!  We encourage you to read the information below and examine every pageant against these criteria, so you can see why the Miss Universe Organization is the most successful pageant system in the world today!

The MISS USA® PAGEANT is here to stay. It is in its 60th Year and shows no signs of slowing down. Many Pageants claims of grandiose are less than 5 years old – some are even younger.
 Yes. There are no additional costs for hotel, meals, workshops, program books, contestant parties, etc.
It is crucial to have a State Director who you can contact during the year And one who will prepare you for the national pageant. Bert & Carol Lukens live in Bend, Oregon. Carol is a Former MISS PORTLAND and MRS. OREGON AMERICA They know how to train contestants. They have judged many pageants And work with the media to promote young woman. Experience and stability such as this cannot be underestimated. It is rare.
Once accepted you will need: Evening gown for evening gown competition, Swimsuit for swimsuit competition and Dress or suit for the personal interview competition
Yes, 1/3 swimsuit, 1/3 evening gown, 1/3 interview.
No prior experience with pageants is necessary to win the crown!
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