Message for Parents

The Miss Universe Organization (MUO), a WME | IMG company, creates and advances opportunities for women around the world through its network of relationships across entertainment, fashion and philanthropy. MUO encourages every woman to challenge herself, find her unique voice, and embody the organization’s mission of being Confidently Beautiful. The countless women who participate in Miss Universe programs annually inspire others to pursue their personal and professional goals while making an impact in their communities. The MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA® and MISS TEEN USA® competitions provide contestants and titleholders an international platform through dedicated partnerships with global charities, sponsors, and brands. For more information, and to learn more about The Miss Universe Organization’s official global causes, please visit:

Now for a young woman, the experience of competing in a major State Pageant is very rewarding. She will have the opportunity to meet new friends and become involved in an atmosphere of fashion, fun and encouragement. She will also enhance her social skills while developing her confidence and personality.

Others will regard her as a highly motivated and involved young lady who can present herself in public.

Your daughter may have already achieved the distinction of being qualified to compete in an official state preliminary to the MISS USA® or MISS TEEN USA® Pageant. These pageants have been televised nationally on numerous networks including most recently on FOX and/or online. These are the pageants which have offered the ladies the most – all others are imitations. We are confident that your daughter will enjoy her  participation. She will gain an experience that she will remember for a lifetime.

This pageant is a weekend event, and your daughter’s expenses during the weekend are included. This means there is no additional cost for hotel, meals, trophies, pageant workshops, etc. for your daughter. There is no other Pageant in the Northwest which offers such an extended pageant experience.

All contestants are carefully chaperoned. Furthermore, all our contestants work with a professional production staff. They are given instructions on the walk, plus stage techniques for the swimsuit (MISS only) or athleisure wear (TEENs only) and evening gown competitions. You may rest assured that your young lady will be treated like a princess. If your daughter is fortunate enough to win the title, she will then travel to the National Pageant.

Your daughter may secure a sponsor or sponsors from family and friends or businesses to help underwrite her participation in this Pageant. Unlike many Pageants, we do not ask out contestants to sell advertising for a program book, nor do we require a performing talent or proof of community service. Our entire Pageant is concerned exclusively with your daughter’s individuality. She will be judged on her personality, physical fitness, poise and overall presence.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions. We are dedicated to making this event a positive experience for everyone.

Pageants NW team