Hi David,
I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for everything this weekend! I tried to find you after the pageant to tell you in person but things were a little crazy! 🙂
You & your team are an amazing group of very passionate, kind & inspiring individuals. I enjoyed every second of my time with you all. I truly feel like this pageant is where I am supposed to be and already can’t wait for next year.
Sara (contestant)

Hi all, just wanted to say thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful pageant and allowing me to compete. I had so much fun with the girls and can’t wait to try again next year!
Manju Bangalore

…We were honored to be a part of such an amazing and uplifting event. There truly are no words to describe how beneficial the pageants are to these young ladies. It allows them the opportunity to give back to the community by setting a positive example that it’s ok to just be yourself and reach for your dreams. That we are all successful when we learn to love and appreciate each and every one of our uniqueness. It truly is a priceless gift when you learn to love yourself. We are all unique in our own way and the pageants help you to realize that. David’s story as well as him touching on your experience was very humbling. It brought tears to my eyes hearing what you both went through growing up and realizing that a lot of people in all different races have struggled. But that the most important thing is never giving up on yourself. I appreciate the both of you and all you are doing to make this world a better place. Reygan was so honored to be a part of that. We look forward to the near future and more pageants to come. Thank you again for your support!
Anestasie Brocchini (parent of Reygan Carlson)
Also, it was nice to meet with Michelle during the training class. What a positive lady & role model!
Thanks again!!

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity of growth. This past weekend and weeks leading up to the competition pushed me out of my comfort zone and broke a shell of “closed personality”…I will continue my efforts to spread Happiness,Health,& Wealth and this has motivated me to fly higher to grasp a wider concept on my mission, it starts with shaping and defining myself and trusting that I am capable.
Jacquelyne Egbe

1st and foremost let me start off with what an amazing production your team puts on. Abby had such and amazing weekend. Thank you for that. She will be back to compete for Miss…Thank you again for treating all the girls like royalty.
Amy (parent of teen contestant)

Hi Maureen, I wanted to thank you again for making this weekend such a wonderful experience. I am so excited to come back next year and work with the wonderful team again. I wanted to ask what cosmetology school we have the scholarship to?? Thank you!!

Hello Maureen,
I am so grateful to have placed 2nd runner up. I have had the best experience with the Miss Oregon USA pageant and I look forward to the opportunities pageantry may give me in the future. I would love to receive more information on Lindenwood University. A scholarship for online schooling is something I would have a hard time passing up!…Thank you,

Hello Maureen,
It was so great meeting you and having you as the director to my first pageant. It was such a pleasant experience and I definitely feel more confident and stronger from it. I’m wishing you all the best with pageant preparations for Miss Idaho USA and Miss Washington USA. I’m sure we will be in touch. Thank you for being so positive and uplifting 🙂
Zeycan Rochelle Yildirim

Hi Maureen…I’ve been having dark times lately going through some dark horrible things and doing the pageant and having that amazing experience has truly kept me distracted by the bad things currently going on in my life. I loved what I was able to experience with your company and would love to pursue it as much as possible!…Having this helped me through dark times and made me see the light and better things in life. It’s kept me away from bad things in life and it’s been a blessing! I was hoping I could still be a part of what you guys do in some way, if possible.

Dear NWP Team,
You guys rocked it for Miss OR USA! Thank you for making each and every girl feel beautiful and celebrated both on and off stage. I can’t believe it’s already been a week but I’ already looking forward to next year. We are all excited to see what great things the NWP Team does this upcoming year – especially when one of the girls brings home that Miss USA title! Best of luck as you continue to crown titleholders and see you next year!
Bailey Breving

Hi all,
I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for all that you do!! You guys run such an incredible program, and as I mentioned to David and Maureen on Monday, I have competed under many directors and boards and Pageants NW goes above and beyond!…Again, thank you so much for all that you do: for motivating me and believing in me, for being a shoulder to cry on and not giving up on me. Thank you,
Stephanie Matheson