Should you win the title of Miss Oregon Teen USA®, then go on to compete in the Miss Teen USA® and win the national Miss Teen USA® title, the Miss Universe Organization will award you a $10,000 scholarship to be applied to continuing education tuition or other education expenses (books, etc.) at an institution of your choice.

A $5,000 cash prize will also be awarded upon the completion of her reign.

The new titleholders for Miss Oregon USA® and Miss Oregon  Teen USA® competitions will each receive a $1000 scholarship to the University of Montana Western.
Exceptional Experiences

Experiential learning opportunities make up the heart of Experience One, or X1 for short.

Here’s how it works. You take a single course at a time, three hours each day for 18 days before moving on to the next. Taking four courses or “blocks” during the semester, you’ll earn the same amount of credit as under traditional multiple class systems.

The bottom-line is you truly experience your education through concentrated, active learning. That means you’ll have an advantage as you enter the workforce or continue on with graduate studies because your portfolio will already contain real-world educational experiences and projects. These projects often help the community at the same time by providing key services and contributing to ongoing research studies.
Outstanding Students

Our students are immersed in a supportive and challenging environment both in the classroom and in the field. They excel in internships all over the world, strive to become the best versions of themselves, and look towards the future. Montana Western provides the ideal setting for them to grow, collaborate and lead, and be prepared to succeed in the real world.
Engaging Professors

Small yet academically mighty, Montana Western courses are taught by distinguished faculty who are genuinely interested in your success now and in the future. Not only has Montana Western had five Carnegie Foundation Professors of the Year, our faculty also continues to receive national recognition. All classes are taught by professors rather than graduate assistants, so you benefit directly from their expertise.
A Spectacular Setting

Surrounded by seven mountain ranges and vast tracts of public land, lakes, forests and rivers, southwest Montana is a recreation paradise.

What’s more, Montana Western is located close to two of the most treasured national parks in the western region and the area features incredible skiing, some of the world’s best fly fishing, hunting, climbing, hiking and numerous outdoor activities.
We Can Help You Pay For College

Montana Western offers our unique way of learning at a cost you can afford. You’ll receive personal attention and truly experience your education for a fraction of the cost of other regional universities.

In addition, we can help you afford your education with numerous opportunities for financial aid and a host of scholarships and grants.

And for qualifying out-of-state students, the popular Western Undergraduate Exchange program (WUE) can significantly defray the cost of tuition.
To Learn More

Please email: mfrancimm@yahoo.com

Salon Professional Education Company (SPEC) is proud to announce that it will be offering a variety of scholarships at our participating beauty school franchise locations for contestants and winners of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageants nationwide beginning in 2016. Both The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) and Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) brands of beauty schools will provide scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to be applied to cosmetology programs at the location of the students choosing.

Every contestant in the Miss Oregon USA® or Miss Oregon Teen USA® competitions will be eligible to receive $2,000 to be applied toward the cost of their cosmetology tuition at the participating school of their choosing. Winners at each of the 50 state competitions will receive $5,000 scholarships. Winners of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA will be awarded an additional $5,000 for a grand total of $10,000 in scholarship awards.

If you are interested in getting more details on the scholarship to the Salon Professional Academy, please contact:

Jill Krahn
EVP of Sales
701.478.1772 x100
Email: jkrahn@specfranchise.com

The mission of The LEAP Foundation is to help high school students, college students, and recent graduates, get a “7 year LEAP on success.” We do this by hosting our annual week-long LEAP Leadership Program at UCLA where the curriculum is based upon the experience of those who have accomplished great success – both professionally and personally. LEAP Week provides advanced knowledge, foundational life skills and confidence to achieve higher personal, academic and professional goals at any stage in the future! We are committed to educating young adults in the value of goal-setting, effective communication, and the invaluable power of mentorship – all of which are essential in helping today’s youth. LEAP Week’s unique approach helps make transformative leaders (that is not taught in most high schools and colleges but is) proven to develop those essential skills needed to achieve future success.


Mark Wahlberg
Paula Abdul
Elon Musk
Anthony Hopkins

The Contestant in the TEEN division with the highest GPA (or one of the highest GPA’s if there are ties or too many around the same GPA) will receive a $300 cash scholarship to be used towards any accredited higher educational fees. The academic award committee (chosen by NW Productions, LLC) will make the final decision on who receives this award.